Two weeks to go

There is now less than two weeks to go before the Big Animal Research Debate week which is from the 6th to 12th march. We currently have twelve societies signed up and several more likely to take part. There is however still plenty of time to get involved!

So why would you want to be involved?

First of all even if it is dispersed you get to take part in one of the biggest debate events this year. More importantly animal research is an important issue and is becoming more and more open to debate as technology advances. Fifty years ago there may have been no alternative to animal testing but today increasingly we can see the possibility that such a ban will happen somewhere in the foreseeable future. It is much more worthwhile debating something that may actually happen. It also makes for a more even debate and one in which the suffering of animals can be taken more into account.

We particularly encourage those who are on the side of wanting to ban all animal research (whether immediately or sometime in the future the motion does not specify) to take part. Debates are about exploring what if policy decisions. Such a ban may not have happened yet but the best way to move in that direction is to be involved in debates and encourage people that it can actually work.

So we particularly want societies that would favour a ban to organise a debates. Are you a member of an Animal rights society, a society or class involved in conservation, or even a vegetarian and vegan society? This is surely the debate for you. Sign up your society at

We also encourage experts on both sides to sign up either to take part directly in a debate or to give talks after the debates by young people at schools or universities have taken place. Get involved at