Greg Clark approves Hull beagle breeding farm

In July, Communities Secretary Greg Clark gave the go-ahead for a US-owned company to breed beagles at Grimston, near Hull, overturning the local planning inspector’s initial refusal. The bred beagles would be for the express purpose of being used in animal research when the investigative subject needed to be a dog. The proposals were initially rejected by East Riding Council in 2013 after 100,00 people signed a petition, supported by several prominent animal rights organisations and celebrities against the “beagle farm”.  Yorkshire Evergreen, who proposed the plan to breed beagles, said that they were pleased with the new result and for the Communities Secretary not to have been taken in by the arguments of the animal rights groups, stating the beagles have been a part of making groundbreaking medical discoveries over the years and would continue to do so. Groups, such as PETA, Cruelty Free International and the Animal Justice Project denounced the decision as “a betrayal of the animals, the public and science.” Should the central government be overturning local decisions on such issues? Should there be specific breading for animal research? IDEA suggests you take a look at the arguments and decide for yourself:
Article opposing beagle breeding facility
Article in support of beagle breeding facility.