Get involved in the Big Animal Research Debate 2017

iDebate and Understanding Animal Research are looking for participants to take part in our debates on animal research taking place from the 6th March. We want the Big Animal Research Debate to reach as many people as possible so we are open to anyone and everyone taking part. Whether you are interested in science and the research that goes into making the drugs we all take when we are ill or are someone who loves animals or just someone who likes a good discussion and argument then our debates will be of interest to you.

There are many ways in which you can get involved. We are particularly looking for schools, colleges, and University societies that want to hold a debate. We aim for 40 universities to be having debates. These will be mostly from the UK but we also want international universities to get involved. Moreover you don’t have to be a debating society to hold a debate; you might be from in politics, some environmental, or science related society and want to hold one. IDEA UK can provide some training in debating and help with how you hold a public debate.

We are looking for schools and colleges to hold debates. These will likely not be public debates but may be with an internal school audience, or may even be on a much smaller scale in a biology class for example. If you are from a school and want to get involved we have a schools pack with information about how to conduct a debate in your school.

If you are an individual, and are not affiliated with an organisation that wants to get involved more deeply then there are still a couple of ways you can potentially be involved. First and easiest is to keep checking our list of events which will be updated as we get confirmed public debates. You can then be in the audience and vote if there is a debate near you. Second if you are an academic, from a relevant campaign, or have other expertise on the issue then you may want to be a guest speaker/debater for one side or the other at one of our public debates. If so please contact…

There are lots of ways you can help. Do get involved!

We will be providing more information about different ways but in the meantime if interested contact Alex.