The first results...

We are now approximately half way into the Big Animal Research Debate the first results from the debates that have already taken place are beginning to trickle in.

The motion was This House Would ban all forms of animal research



Leeds Debating Union CARRIES the motion (4-0)

Middlesex University Debating Society REJECTS the motion (3-5)

LSE Debate REJECTS the motion (12-8)


Schools & Colleges

Basingstoke College of Technology REJECTS the motion (7-13)

Farringdon Community Academy CARRIES the motion (6-0)

Peter Symonds School REJECTS the motion (7-20)

Merrist Wood College REJECTS the motion (8-17)


If you still want to hold a debate it is not too late – we are still doing debates until Sunday, and have had a few delayed until next week, so gather a group and have a debate on the issue!