Big Animal Research Debate March 2017

Are animals necessary for research or would you ban animal research? Or are you open to persuasion? Perhaps you need a good debate resenting the main arguments on both sides to cement your views. If so then the Big Animal Research Debate is the thing for you. In October 2013 over 1900 people in 35 universities voted on whether ‘This House Would ban all animal research’ with 362 in favour and 1554 against. Moreover the debate is one of the most popular on iDebate’s Debatabase of written debates – with more than 400,000 views. Now iDebate and Understanding Animal Research are once again going to hold a series of debates on the issue. 

Debates are going to take place in the week from 6th March. There will be debates across the country with additional debates taking place internationally. We are looking to have debates in more than the 35 universities reached last time. Additionally we are looking to expand to having debates in Schools and further education Colleges. These are the young people who are most likely to be affected by current research on testing on animals and what possible substitutes there may be but may also be those most likely to be swayed by purely emotional arguments rather than considering rationally all the possible effects. 

Animal research, indeed any suffering of animals is an emotive subject, a situation that is made all the more difficult when there is suffering on both sides; suffering that is difficult to weigh up when the outcomes of future research can never be fully know. As is always the case in debating there will be two opposing sides in every debate representing both points of view and marshalling the arguments for their side while knocking down the opposition’s carefully constructed case. Each will be vying to persuade you that their position is the stronger and should receive your vote.


If you are interested in more information on both sides then go check out the Debatabase debate on the issue

If you wish to participate then do get in contact