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This section of the website contains resources that teachers, older students and university debaters can use to start exploring the ways animals are used in medical and scientific research and the controversies surrounding animal studies.

Check back for updates as we get closer to the debates in March.

Debatabase: This House would ban animal testing’s debatabase is a database of articles covering major contemporary debates and debate topics used in debating tournaments and debate training events. Each of debatabase’s 700-plus entries are structured in the same way – an introduction, giving a clear summary of the background to the debate and its core issues; points in favour of a motion, with corresponding counter-arguments; and points against that motion, with corresponding counter-arguments.

One of the most popular debates on the debatabase is “This House would ban animal testing”. It can be viewed by following the link below.

This House would ban animal testing or go to the orginal debate.

Debatabase: related debates

The debatabase contains two further articles on related subjects. “This House would ban the development of genetically modified organisms” discusses the increasing prominence of genetic engineering and selective breeding in animal research. “This House believes that animals have rights” explores some of the philosophical arguments that inform researchers' ethical guidelines and the campaigning activities of groups opposed to animal research. Click the links below to access the articles.

This House would ban the development of genetically modified organisms or go to the original debate.

This House believes that animals have rights or go to the original debate.

Textbook: The Practical Guide to Debating

The Practical Guide to Debating is IDEA’s newest manual on debating in the British Parliamentary debate format. In addition to explaining the BP format- currently the most popular and fastest growing format within the international debate community- The Practical Guide to Debating also contains advice and exercises for non-debaters who want to improve their understanding of argumentation and critical thinking.

The Practical Guide to Debating can be purchased as hard-copy book from IDEA’s website, and is also available as a free Creative Commons licensed PDF. Click the link below to download it.

Download the Practical Guide to Debating

Other resources

This is a list of resources from our schools pack, which you may wish to read for some background.

There are of course plenty of other resources you can use, but you should be aware of potential biases. As such we have organised potential resources into for and against animal research.

For Animal Research Animal Research

Medical Advances -

Why are animals used in research? -


www.animalresearch.infoAnimal Research Info

Timeline of medical advances -

Nobel Prizes and animal research -


www.speakingofresearch.comSpeaking of Research

Does intelligence matter? -

Bad Science: myth and fact -

Ethics of animal research -

FAQ on use of animals in research -


www.eara.euEuropean Animal Research Association

Veterinary Medicine -


What have guinea pigs ever done for us? -

Helping us beat cancer -


Against Animal Research - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Alternatives to testing -

What is Animal Liberation? - - Animal Aid

The case for an EU ban on primate experiments -

The scientific case for non-animal research


www.crueltyfreeinternational.orgCruelty Free International

Arguments Against Testing -

Alternatives to Animal Testing -  - Humane Society International

Alternative Methods -

Animal Test Q & A - Anti-Vivisection Society

Animal Experimentation – The Facts -


Overlooking the Failings - 

Animal research provides a flawed model, so why stop? -


Providing both sides: