About The Big Animal Research Debate

The Big Animal Research Debate is a unique public debating project that will take place between 6th and 12th March 2017.

Almost all of the UK’s universities host student-run debating societies. These societies bring together smart, enthusiastic and curious young people from a wide range of backgrounds to discuss current affairs and longstanding controversies. The Big Animal Research Debate harnesses the skills and knowledge of young debaters to explore current attitudes to animal testing.


During The Big Animal Research Debate, student debating societies from universities across the UK and Europe will join forces to debate a single topic: “This House would ban all forms of animal research.”

University debate societies
We are currently recruiting university debating societies to debate our motion. In 2013, thirty societies were involved.

As debating societies confirm that they want to take part in the project and set dates for their Big Animal Research Debates we will add their details to this site.

Schools debating
Many schools and further education colleges will also be having debates although these will mostly not be open public debates.

Debate and decide
Across a week from the 6th March each society participating in the project will run its debate. Some debates will be streamed online and made available via this website. Many others will be open for anyone to be in the audience. All of the events that make up the Big Animal Research Debate will end with a vote on whether or the motion should be supported or opposed. The results of these polls will also be posted online.

Students taking part in the Big Animal Research Debate will be joined by guests who are already taking part in the on-going discussion surrounding animal research and the ethical treatment of animals within society at large.

Find out more
To find out more about the Big Animal Research Debate, click here to visit our FAQ page. Members of the press and university debate societies who want to cover or participate in The Big Animal Research Debate should click here to get in touch through our contacts page.

Get involved
We warmly welcome the involvement of academics and other experts on biology, medicine, ethics and the law surrounding animal research. Some of the university debating societies taking part will be inviting expert speakers to offer arguments on both sides of the issue. 

Anyone who thinks that they would be a suitable speaker for a Big Animal Research Debate event should fill out the contact form on our speakers' pagehttp://www.animalresearchdebate.org/speaker

If you are interested in organising a debate then please fill in our organise a debate contact form: http://www.animalresearchdebate.org/organise-debate