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How to get in touch

General enquiries
All enquiries about the dates and locations of the Big Animal Research Debate events, or about using the website should go through to our general enquiries address or our main telephone number.


Telephone: (+44) 0203 393 7223 

Press contacts
Members of the press and media organisations can find out more about the Big Animal Research Debate events in their area, and the issues that debaters will be discussing by contacting our press desk.


Telephone: (+44) 0203 675 1235

Secondary and primary school teachers planning to discuss animal testing with their students can get information about streaming the Big Animal Research Debate in their class rooms and attending events at local universities by emailing our schools liaison.


Telephone: (+44) 0203 675 1237

Volunteer to speak
Academics and other experts on biology, medicine, ethics and the law surrounding animal research who would like to contribute to the Big Animal Research Debate as guest speakers can make contact with us through our general enquiries email address. Alternatively, they can fill in the contact form on our speakers page or call our main telephone number. 

speakers' contact form:

Telephone: (+44) 0203 393 7223

Social Media

In the run up to the Big Animal Research Debate (14th to 17th October 2013) and during the event itself, we'll be regularly updating with news and resources on the use of animals in scientific testing using our Twitter feed @AnimalArguments. Anyone can join in the debate online by using the hashtag #makeupyourmind, or by retweeting links to our reports and articles.

You can also find the Big Animal Research Debate on Facebook, along with links to our partner's Facebook pages.

Finally, you'll be able to access recordings of many of the public events that will take place during the Big Animal Research Debate via our YouTube page.