The Big Animal Research Debate has been growing at a steady pace since IDEA UK began planning the project in February this year. Having started out with a small network of five debating societies, The Big Animal Research Debate has expanded to include debaters from over 30 universities.

When a debating society taking part in The... Read more

The Big Animal Research Debate is now international. James Madison University, located in Virginia in the eastern portion of the United States, will be running a Big Animal Research Debate on 14th October.

JMU’s Madison Debate Society is taking the lead in organising the event and providing student speakers. The Madison Debate Society is... Read more

After half a year of planning and preparation The Big Animal Research Debate- an ambitious new project organised by IDEA UK- will begin in less than a month’s time. Between 14th and 17th October this year, more than 30 university debating societies from across Ireland and the UK will host public debates on the motion “This House would ban all... Read more

Labour's Shadow Minister for Universities and Science, Shabana Mahmood MP, has endorsed the Big Animal Research Debate. Earlier today Ms Mahmood said

It’s important that students are encouraged to take an active part in debating important and controversial issues – including those around science and research. I hope as many students,... Read more

The Big Animal Research Debate has been growing over the past few weeks. With Big Animal Research Debates due to start in universities around the country on 14 October, more organisations involved in the on-going debate surrounding the use of animals in medical research have stepped forward to endorse the project. The Chief Executive of NC3Rs,... Read more

The Big Animal Research Debate has received endorsements from senior figures working on different sides of the on-going discussion about the role animal research plays in biology and the creation of new medical technology.

Dr Andre Menache and Antidote Europe
Dr Andre Menache is a zoologist and a veterinary surgeon. He currently... Read more

The Big Animal Research Debate has been endorsed by the Medical Research Council. The Medical Research Council is a publicly funded organisation based in the UK that supports research to improve human health and quality of life, and promotes dialogue with the public about medical science.

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The Cambridge Union Society has become the twentieth university debating society to confirm that it will be taking part in the Big Animal Research Debate.

Founded in 1815 the Union Society welcomes members from all of the colleges of the University of Cambridge and from Anglia Ruskin University. A registered charity, the Cambridge Union... Read more

The United Kingdom’s Science Council has leant its support to the Big Animal Research Debate. The Science Council works to advance scientific research in the UK by bringing together learned societies and professional bodies to promote science education and recognise scientific skills.

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Many of the public debates that make up the Big Animal Research Debate will feature contributions for and against the motion “This House would ban all forms of animal research” by experts from the fields of medicine, biology, ethics and law. In many cases, the university debating societies that IDEA UK is working with will invite guests to take... Read more